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I'm an IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience and a Master's degree in Nursing Education. 

I'm here to help you with your breastfeeding needs. 



    Online/Telehealth appointments allow us to meet from the comfort of your home. All you need is video access! 

Breastfeding needs for Post-partum, prenatal, and/or older babies. See below for a shortlist of what I can help you with. 

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Call now and book an appointment for an initial consultation if you answer yes to any of the questions below.

Were you just discharged from the hospital less than two weeks ago? Do you have a sleepy newborn? Are you having trouble latching? Do you have milk supply issues (Lacking or too much)? Do you have sore nipples? Were you discharged with a pump? Were you instructed to supplement?  Are you taking medications? Do you have any questions? Do you have multiples? Do you have a premature infant?

I would love to have your testimony posted here! Please let me know how I did with your care.

Future client

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I have over 15 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, mostly caring for mother and baby. I tried a different practice of nursing, but I found that my passion is teaching; especially mothers and newborns. So I pursued my Masters degree in Nursing education along with my IBCLC certificate and had practiced as a Lactation Consultant in both inpatient and outpatient setting. I had worked alongside expert Lactation Consultants and we had mentored new and incoming interns that are now great practicing Lactation Consultant themselves. I have vast knowledge in the field of mother and infant and I am always trying to keep up with the new and evolving breastfeeding medicine.

On a more personal note; I myself had experienced both the frustration of not being able to breastfeed. When I had my first child there was not enough lactation support and I didn't know anything about breastfeeding. I attempted to pump and attempted to latch as much (or as little) as I thought was appropriate and next thing I knew my milk dried up. My daughter was in the NICU for a day or two so she was given formula from birth so it was an uphill battle from there. Needless to say, she was formula fed pretty much from the start. With my son, I was armed with knowledge and determination (and luck) so I was able to successfully breastfeed him for 18 months. Just like everyone else, I struggled for the first few weeks; he had weight issues and we had to supplement with both SNS and bottle and I had to pump but it was definitely a wonderful experience!

I hope to share my personal and professional experience with you to reach your feeding goal. Whether it's exclusive breastfeeding or not. I am here to help!


Because of privacy laws, I am unable to give medical, legal, financial advice on social media. I am also not able to return your voice mail or email unless it's on a secure platform. Please book an appointment if needed.

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